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Level 3

how to make a setup to be in silent mode after the user run it regulary?

I need to make my setup to run in silent mode and to not show any dialogs after the user run it just by double click and not with any command lines like /S

I need to know which event is the event I need to add my code since I try all the events I could found but I keep getting the first dialog that say preparing your installation...

The reason I need to that is that I need to support a command line that the user might type in like he did in old WISE installer (ex: /S/M=c:\\text.txt) and I want to be able to parse the command line and check if the /S appears (Even without spaces as I wrote in my example) and only then makes my setup to run in silent mode.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance (I am a newbie with InstallShield)
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Level 7

Hi Lee,

Not sure if this would help or not. In the releases view under the setup.exe tab, there is a option for launch command.

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