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Which version of Install Shield Do I need?


We have Install Shield 2012 Spring Edition

Our app is a Visual Studio 2010 .net app.  We have about 1200 users. We are moving  to VS 2019 

Our product is a Windows desktop app.

1) I am guessing that we need to upgrade our Install Shield?

2) What is the product that would be the best direct replacement.  We only need one user and all it needs to do is create an install exe.


Stephen Simpson

ELM Computer Systems Inc.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

It really depends on the specifics of your requirements - do you need multiple languages? Are you looking for validation testing? Do you want to edit dialogs? Do you need to enable Windows roles?

Each installation project is unique and each customers requirements are as well. 

I would suggest taking a look through the Installshield Edition comparison datasheet - this outlines what is available in each of the editions and should give you a solid understand of what can and can not be achieved in each Edition:

I hope this helps.

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