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Re: Support Contacts

Hello, I need to transfer an InstallShield perpetual license to another developer. I don't see how to do this. Can you please tell me?

I am on the "License Information" Webpage and see our licenses and that they are not available ("0"). I would expect a "Return"-Button alongside the "new" Button, to give ist back and re-activate it on another machine.

But there is no such Button. What do I wrong?






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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Hi Hedge, 

With InstallShield, you will need to return the license from within InstallShield, not from within the Product and License Center. This can be done using the following steps: 

1. Open InstallShield
2. In the file ribbon at the top, select Help > About InstallShield 
3. The window that pops up will have a Return license button, press it

Your InstallShield license will then be returned, and you can activate InstallShield on the new developer's machine. 

If you no longer have the old machine with InstallShield on it, or if the process fails, you can contact Technical support using the contact information below. Technical support will help you activate InstallShield even if you do not have a valid maintenance plan. 

Support contacts

Please make sure that you have the activation code that you are using available if need to contact Technical support. 

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