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What is txt decoding method in Installscrip? Japanese UTF license is not display correctly on Japnaese OS

I come across a problem, I am using SdLicense2Ex(Installscript project type)  with UTF-8 BOM or UTF-16 license Japanese file. And on customer's Japnases OS, it does not show correctly. On my English OS, it looks good. Then I switch to Japanese OS and I can see the problem.

If I use ANSI(JIS) to encode the txt file, then it looks good on japanese OS system but it does not look right on english OS.

So my question is, what is the default decoding method for installscript? and How can I control it?

I know in MSI project, installshield provide an option called UTF-8 Database, but it is not provided in installscript.


If I want to use UTF to decode all the txt file in installscript, how could I achieve it?


Thanks a lot!

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