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Install a driver by using a InstallShield project.

Hi everyone,

I build an InstallShield project for a UMDF driver which was signed with DigiCert EV Code Signing certificate. But After I installed the project, the EV code signed driver is not displayed in the Device Manager. After checking the related file for driver, there is only the .inf file but no .pnf file in the C:\Windows\INF folder. They should be existed in pair. Also the .dll file isn't in the System32\drivers\UMDF folder. And the setup log file has an error "terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider".

I faced this error before and it was signed with a testing certificate. So I try to install the EV code signing certificate and import it into the trusted root certificate then install the project again. That's what I done before and it did work and the driver was success installed and show out in the Device Manager. But this time, with this DigiCert EV code signing certificate, the result is still failed.

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