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Build Error ISDEV : error Val0006

Here is the error we're getting when building a patch:

ISDEV : error Val0006: The Component '_3805868D3EBCD7CDCB07B265E1487FDE' identified by ComponentID '{3805868D-D3EB-CD7C-DCB0-7B265E1487FD}' is missing from the newest version of your setup. You can not delete components and still do a minor/small upgrade. You must perform a major upgrade.

Here is the background. We needed to build a new automated build server. We configured everything exactly the same as the old one to the best of our ability. Including copying over the old established uncompressed "BASELINE" so we can build patches. In the build process, when it tries to build the patch file we got the above error.

By using the MSI diff tool I was able to isolate the exact file that was causing the issue. It turns out the file was not part of our component definitions. It was being automatically installed because we had left a component setup to ".NET Scan for Properties and Dependencies".

The .ISM has not changed, that component is still set to pick up dependencies automatically and it is successfully picking up the file in question. The problem is the "File" and "Component" GUID's are changing, therefore the old BASELINE thinks that we have removed a component when it does the diff. So it errors out with the a fore mentioned error.

It is imperative that we're able to build a patch based off that old established BASELINE because we have users we need to be able to patch.

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Are you using patch optimization (where you specify the earlier patch in the Releases view, so that InstallShield can synchronize component names, component GUIDs, and other data)? The following help topic provides more details:
Upgrade Considerations
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I'm running into the same issue.  Was there a resolution to this?

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