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What is the command line to pass the .ini file with all install property values.


I have a Basic MSI installer and would like to create an .ini file that has all install property values, such as INSTALLDIR, USERNAME, _IsSetupTypeMin, etc. During the install, is there a command line to pass in after .exe so that it will read the default value from each property inside the .ini file first and pre-filled the value in the installation? Not silent but in normal mode. But values should be read and fill from .ini.

Thanks in advance,
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Level 6

Basic Msi's don't use response files. They do use public properties which can be passed in when running from the command-line. You might look at "command-line options [Windows Installer]" in the InstallShield Help for hints on how you might do this.

It is possible, however, to create a response-type file for your MSI by creating your file as you suggest in and .ini or .xml format and then creating a first action custom action which reads the file when present and assigns its values to your properties. I have done this in the past, typically using an .xml file where property values are defined. If the project is a Setup.exe, you can have your custom action look for your file in the SETUPEXEDIR, if found, read it's values and assign them.
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