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Virus detection in installing the installation built by InstallShield 2019 Professional

We update our InstallShield projects to InstallShield 2019 Professional.

As we implement the installation built by InstallShield 2019 Professional, in installing procedure, some antivirus software will detect the Trojan threat then blocked or deleted infected files.

Finally, when we try to uninstall the application, we failed to uninstall the application.

By the way, antivirus softwares detect nothing  when we implement the installation built by the former version of InstallShield, and the uninstallation successes.

Do you have any solutions to fix the issue?


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appreciate for your share.

Acturally 2019 R1 was fine before May 2019.

But unfortunately, 2019 R1 also reported Trojan warning in now.

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Hi @JoseAguilar ,


We have noticed some false positive detection with IS 2019, and those all are taken care in IS 2020.

Can you check it with InstallShield 2020.



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Yes, it's still a problem in Install Shield 2020 R1. It works fine with Install Shield 20116, no malware/trojans reported by VirusTotal or MSE. Is there a fix for Install Shield 2020 R1?

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