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VS2013: ISLE does not include dependencies

How do I make ISLE automatically include the dependencies into the setup project?

I mean, I have a project that includes some dll files and while they do exist in the build folder of the VS project, ISLE only includes the exe file and the exe.config file in the primary output. 2 dll files are found the Dependencies from scan at build but one dll (Quartz.dll) is not included, causing ISLE to build a bad install file. I mean, it can install, but upon start I get a .net error that a required dependency is not found (Quartz.dll). The assembly is even referenced and used in the project. Clearly there is a bug in ISLE regarding the dependency scan (probably always missing the last dll or something like that).
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This is quite likely the same issue that I encountered and posted at length about in another thread several months ago.

Last response I got was that they have people looking into it, but there has been no action in a few months, and no indication that they are ever going to fix this issue.
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