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Major Upgrade not working - Need help

I have installed v and need to install v2.0.17.1.
Major Upgrade:
1. Change the Product code and Package code
2. Keep the upgrade code as it is. not changed.
3. Change the version from v2.0.16.10 to v2.0.17.1
4. Added new entry in the Media > Upgrades > Right click and add Major upgrade item
5. From the Common tab select the "Products having another upgrade code". Here if i choose the first option "products sharing my upgrade code" then All zeros's display in the "Advacned" tab.
6. Select Any earlier version and remain left unchanged. (Now added new entry with the upgrade code in the update table)

Build the msi project and while click the msi it installs everytime as a new version by displaying the welcome screen. Rather than shows the "Do you want to upgrade...". Message box.

If click "Yes" then automatic uninstallation of the old setup and installs the new setup without getting inputs from the user. How to achieve this?

Please help to resolve this.
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Level 3


I had the same issue some time ago....

My solution:
You must evaluate the "IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE" or "UPGRADINGPRODUCTCODE" property to control the UI sequence and the texts being displayed in the dialogs.
Otherwise the UI sequence runs completely as if it was a new installation.
Then you can define a button "Just Upgrade" on the InstallWelcome dialog, that is only displayed depending on the property "IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE", and which allows to skip all dialogs and jumps right to the "ReadyToInstall" dialog.
Take care that you migrate the feature states and that custom properties that are set correctly!
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