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VS / TFS 2008 integration - issues


I have some issues related to how InstallShield project can be properly integrated with Visual Studio solution and TFS Build. Using VS 2008 SP1 / TFS 2008 SP1 / IS 2010 SP1.

1. For native Visual Studio projects, you can define pre-build and post-build steps, where you can call a script or any type of command. Since I need to do a bunch of steps to prepare sources / product build output, I thought I'd use this feature. Unfortunately, it's not available for integrated IS project as those options do not appear. How do I go about calling custom logic before IS project is built?

2. I can see the same bug as in native IS IDE - not remembering changes to UI (i.e. split ratio between function list and code window in installscript window) - this fixed aspect ratio is very annoying. Maybe can be set somewhere in registry?

On the whole, this VS integration is not good at all and it doesn't seem to get better in the new versions of InstallShield (using IS since version 12).


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VS and TFS 2010 integration will be improved in the next release. Can you private me your e-mail address so I can include you in the upcoming Beta program?
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