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Upgrade problem

I have got a big problem. Changed the product Id and the package id (automatically and manually to test), but under WinXp and sometimes Vista of Win7 the windows installer says the package is allready installed. Help! What do I forget? (made a lot of upgrades the last year, none of them gave this kind of problem). Changed the version from 3.5.3 to 4.0.0. Who can help me??

An update: I now see that the new productID in Installshield is NOT the productID in the generated MSI (reading with Orca). Is this a bug?

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Level 6

When you refer to the product ID do you mean the Name of the product or the GUID?

For completeness if you want to UPGRADE leave the GUID and Product NAME as the are in the product settings, just change the Version number. If you want to install you new product alongside an older version then change the Product NAME and the GUID.

Note I have just found out that changing the minor version number does not cause an upgrade to be offered one of the first three digit groups needs to change. that is to does not offer UPGRADE whereas to does.
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Level 10

Check the help topic "Major Upgrade vs. Minor Upgrade vs. Small Update" for some clarity on the terms you are using.

There are three GUIDs involved, here:
The Package Code
The Product Code
The Upgrade Code.

Read that help topic for more details.
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