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Uninstaller unable to find "engine.jar"

When launching the uninstaller for a previous installed product, I get the following message:

run installation from source media: engine is missing: 

The uninstaller is right, there is no "engine" folder in "/root/InstallShield/Universal/common/Gen1/" and I am sure it never was.

The installation was done using "root" on a Linux box. Is there any other place where the engine.jar could be placed ? How can I uninstall my product again ?

Thanks for your help.

I did another installation on the same machine using a different user (not root), and this time I got the engine.jar under "/home//InstallShield/Universal/common/Gen1/eninge/1.0/engine.jar". It seems that the .../engine/.. folder is not created when using root. Or is it just created somewhere else in this case ?
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Level 9

That is a good question - try running as root again and create a Custom Action to display the userhome dir:

String usrHome = arg0.resolveString("$J(user.home)");
JOptionPane.showMessage(null,"user home = " + usrHome); (syntax?)

The default location for the VPD is /user home/Installshield/....

I'm not sure why the uninstaller doesn't find it - perhaps the directory got removed prior to uninstall.

Let us know where the home is for root - I never checked it for any platform.
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