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Where is the .NET and COM Settings Pane ?

We recently upgraded to Installshield 2009 Professional from Installshield 12 Express.

In 12 Express we could right click on a DLL, select properties and see the the COM and .NET settings pane. However in 2009 Express the pane is not visible any more.

We have some COM wrapped .NET controls for which we had the COM Interop options selected. However now we cant do that.

We modified the install to run a batch file to register .NET controls using regasm. Works ok on XP but requires Admin priviliges to run on Vista, hence the script does not run through the Install. Using the COM Interop option used to work in Vista without problems.

Does anyone know if there is a way to bring the pane back, or has it been removed for good ?

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Flexera Alumni

The COM Interop settings are now in the component settings, for example if you select a component in the Setup Design view. (I'm not that familiar with InstallShield Express, but I gather it doesn't expose components, so the UI would be different.)

Likewise, the help topics under Creating Installations > Organizing Files... > Registering COM Servers describe the options for COM registration in InstallShield Professional 2009.
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Level 2

Thanks. I got it under Setup Design.
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