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Uninstall entry not removed from Add/Remove Programs


I am using InstallScript 2010 to create several language releases of the same installer.

Installation goes fine for all languages, but when I uninstall non English OS the uninstaller reports success but the entry is not removed from Add/Remove Programs.

When I click the entry to uninstall again I see the attached error ("An error occurred while trying to remove . It may have already been uninstalled. Would you like to remove from Add or Remove programs list?"

When I select "yes" the entry is removed and the registry key is cleaned.

I also noticed that after first uninstall the uninstall icon in Add/Remove changes.

Has anyone experienced this issue??

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Level 4

Hi IG,
I have recently migrated our IS version 12 InstallScript project to IS 2011. I am experiencing the same issue as you posted here -- were you able to find solution for this issue?

Any guidance on this will be appreciated.

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Hi I am just posting in case anyone finds a solution. I am in the same boat.
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In my case, I was using the following line to make all of my registry entries go to the 64-bit area of the Registry:

I was calling this in OnBegin, and leaving it that way the entire time. Apparently it also affects the registry entries that are created to display in Add/Remove (although the product DOES show up there...?)

Anyway I more selectively use this command, only when I am actually creating Registry entries, and then reset the bit when I am done. Now my product goes away from Add/Remove after I install it.

To reset, use:

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