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Unable to Create New InstallShield Express Project


I am using an eval version of InstallShield Spring 2012 Express with Visual Studio Professional 2012 Version 11.0.50727.1 RTMREL and am unable to successfully create a new InstallShield Express Project. I am using FILE => Add => New Project... in VS, selecting InstallShield Express as the project type, leaving the default project name of Setup1 and clicking on OK. I then get an error dialog stating:

"InstallShield cannot open C:\dev\Projects\SensorSystem\Installers\Setup1\Setup1.ise. Please contact Flexera Software technical support for more information."

Upon checking my file system, I see that the referenced Setup1.ise file exists. I have attached it in

When I click on OK to dismiss the error dialog, I get the following error dialog:

"Project failed to load. Default settings will be used to create the project."

When I click on OK to dismiss that error dialog, I get the following error dialog:

"Unspecified error (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80004005 (E_FAIL))"

Finally, clicking on OK to dismiss that error dialog results in no more error dialogs. The Setup1 project also does not appear in my VS Solution Explorer.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I also have InstallShield 2012 Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2011 installed on my computer. I got the evaluation version of Express because the LE was not doing everything I wanted and I wanted to see if Express would behave any better.

Also, I realize I should probably post this directly to Flexera Software Product Support, but I am waiting for confirmation of my support registration and wanted to get this issue solved quickly.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.

-- john
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If you have opened a IS LE project, try the following and see if it solves the issue:

  • Close & restart the Visual Studio IDE.
  • Open the IS Express project.
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    Level 3

    I removed the LE project from my solution completely and now IS Express is behaving much better.

    Thanks for the tip.

    -- john
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