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Level 2

Trial ended after 9 days instead of 21 days


i've tested InstallShield 2013 Professional Trial.
One hour ago, i still had 12 days to test the software.
After i restarted the program, my trial was over.
Is there any option to get back these 12 days or a new trial license?
I really would appreciate that.

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Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Unfortunately, once InstallShield is in this state it cannot be run in evaluation mode again on the same machine. You can run it in evaluation mode again for 21 days, however, if you install it on another machine where it hasn't yet been installed.

It is possible that something on the local machine may have affected the evaluation period. For example, moving the dates back on your computer clock with break the evaluation; moving the dates forward will take days off the evaluation.
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