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Translation issues

Hi all,
Firstly, I apologize if this post is OT. If it is OT, please redirect me to appropriate address.

Secondly, as this is my first post it is obvious that I'm new to this InstallShield business. I'm just, shall we say, end-user of applications that come with InstallShield. I've sent several e-mail to addresses for which I believed they bare some responsibility, but to no effect.

Main problem is very poor quality of Croatian translation, mainly in older versions of InstallShield. As for newer version I cannot tell anything because they are not in Croatian. Lately, for each application that I install (I'm not sure how to check which version of InstallShield is used), there is NO Croatian translation. But, somehow, Serbian is displayed.

As I work on localizations for several applications and few of them use InstallShield, I have serious issues with feedback from other users. Biggest problem is with Opera, as it is most popular application among my volunteer projects. It is very hard to explain to other users from Croatia as why has the translation switched from "poor Croatian" into "Serbian".

As I'm professional translator I would like to offer my services FOR FREE. I would like to fix this problem as at the same time this is very embarrassing for me professionally and humiliating to me as a native speaker of Croatian.

Very best regards, to all and I thank in advance.

Renato Pavicic
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Flexera CChong

Croatian translation

Hi Renato,

This is Ray Ju, Localization Manager from Macrovision. Thanks for your feedback and I apologize for causing you any embarrassment due to our translation. I’d like to work with you to correct this issue. We will do our best to make sure this issue is resolved in a timely manner. My e-mail address is Please let me know the following:
1. Does the translation issue exist in both MSI and InstallScript projects or just one?
2. Does the translation issue exist in some of the resources or all of them?

Ray Ju
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Re: Translation issues

Thanks for reply!
As I'm not an application developer and as such a direct user of Macrovision products, I honestly cannot tell the difference between each of your products. I'm just an "innocent" end user of products developed and distributed with the help of Macrovision products. I'll do my best to recognize them, but you will have to bear with me until we pinpoint the problem.
All I can do at this time, due to my programming (dis)abilities, is to give you a list of application for which I'm sure (?) they use InstallShield or other Macrovision product. If you have any tips or trade secrets that will help me determine exact product, I would be glad if you could share with me.
I'll send you a list to your e-mail address in a day or two.
For start, if you know which of your products is used by Opera browser, or how could I recognize it by myself? (International version: )

Thanks again for you reply :)

PS - Is there any specialized part of your forum devoted to localization efforts?
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Flexera CChong

Re: Translation issues

Understood. What I can do is to collect all relevant resources and run them through you piece by piece. Send me an e-mail at so we can do this offline.

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On a Serbian OS, the InstallShield(2013) product shows Croatian as default language

Our product is built by InstallShield 2013(Basic MSI Installation project), we support Croatian language, don't support Serbian. A weird thing is when I use Serbian OS, our product shows Croatian as default language, we already specified English as our product default language, if the end user OS language is not supported by our product, our product should show English as default. Obviously, the InstallShield detects a wrong language as default language. I am guessing from the view of InstallShield, Croatian and Serbian are the same language(maybe because they have same family). I want to know if InstallShield is going to solve this problem in the future release? If not, what is the workaround about this issue?
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