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Training videos

Do you have or do you plan on making any training videos for any version of Install Shield?

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We have a handful of videos available centred around Windows Installer upgrades which you might find useful:

Introduction to Windows Installer Upgrade Types:

How to Configure a Major Upgrade:

How to Configure a Minor Upgrade:

Although not in Video format there are also some tutorials available that will walk you through creating a simple installer here:

I hope these help,

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Do you have a link to all videos related to Install Shield for subscribers to Install Shield?  I can't seem to find it on your website, or if it's there please point me to the webpage.



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Revenera Moderator

Hi - There are no specific videos for Installshield users with a maintenance plan (if that is what you are asking?) 
We do have an Installshield playlist on Youtube that you might find useful here:

If you have a current support plan with us and you have a specific issue that you would like to talk to someone about to learn more - then please don't hesitate to create a support case with us.

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Level 2

I was also looking for the link to Install shield.

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