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Level 2

Torrent support?

Hello there.

Ok, Here is what I wish to know. Is there any torrent plugin (if that is the right word) for InstallShield? What I mean is, Can I build a "installer" that will download/grab files that are listed in a torrent? Like a http downloader. But it uses the torrent protocol instead?

Has anybody seen one?

I Have already made an "installer" using the "NSIS" system. And I got it to work with the torrent protocol. But from a cosmetic point of view. It looks ruff. But it does work 100%.

So that is why I have come here. To see if it can be done better.

Hope to hear from somebody soon

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Level 16

It could be done, but I've never heard of anyone ever doing it.
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Level 2

I think that cloud torrents do that - they have a browser addons that automatically transform magnet links or torrent files into a download - here are some good alternatives to choose from!

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