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The installshield2016 that the company has used for many years suddenly fails to register, and then can’t register anymore, please help me

The installshield2016, which the company used for many years, suddenly failed to register and then couldn't register again. I found some methods in the community, and then I tried to return the license, but offine return failed (error 51307 ); was displayed. The person who bought the product has left, and I cannot find other useful information, but I have retained the previous activation code (22B4-7BCC-66CE-67F8) and some offline requested documents. Hope your company can help me re-register the product, thanks
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Flexera Alumni

Hi @zyong_feng ,

In general reactivation occurs 12 months after the most-recent activation.

  • Hope you are trying to return on the same machine where it had been activated before.
  • Did you give it a try with online return and activation?
  • If you are facing problems with,i would suggest you to contact with the required details.They will be able to help you with!!



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