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Target Package not found in project - Installshield Suite

Hi all

Not sure if I've found a bug in the InstallShield Suites? If you try to add a package, where the Install target is in a sub folder of the package, then the following error is displayed when you attempt to build the suite:

The target file 'Test\TESTMSI.msi' that was selected for an operation's Target setting in the Packages view for package 'TESTMSI' was not found in the project.

The suite even lets you select this msi in the subfolder from the dropdown list in the Target field as well.



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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Could you please provide steps to reproduce this issue. so that we can check it from our end,  and screenshot of the msi folder structure from where you adding the file, 

Why you are changing the target msi  location under operation -->install--> filed. by default this value will be selected when you are adding the msi. (what is the value of this field when you add the msi package)

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Hi Varul

Some vendors installers come in a folder structure like the below:

RootFolder -






In this example, the MSIs depend on the files within the CommonFilesFolder. So to in this case you have to add the Root folder as a package in the Installshield Suite, so that the MSI can look backwards in the folder structure for the CommonFilesFolder, so using the example names above the steps to reproduce are:

1. Create a new IS Suite project

2. Create a feature, call it Complete

3. Add a package via the VendorMSI.msi

4. Edit the package files, and remove the VendorMSI.msi

5. Create a folder in the root of the package files, and call it MSIFolder

6. Create a folder in the root of the package files, and call it CommonFilesFolder

7. Add the MSI and the config files to there respective folders.

8. Go back to the package Common Tab, and under Operation -> Install, use the drop down menu in the Target field to select VendorMSI.msi, within the MSIFolder, so the the target should look like: MSIFolder\VendorMSI.msi

9. Try to build the suite, and you get the error

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Any luck reproducing on your end?

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