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Suggestions to consider when migrating from InstallShield 2012 Sprint to InstallShield 2020

Hi friends,

We started to migrate all the installers from the version of Install Shield 2012 Spring to Install Shield 2020. Their construction was not a problem, the problem appears when we try to install, there are problems copying the binaries in the locations we set in the application.

Next we will start an analysis to see what are the differences between the previous version and the current one of Install Shield in order to catch the errors given during the installation.

Until we finish this analysis you can suggest us the following details:
1) What are the essential or basic changes that we need to consider when opening an old project in Install Shield 2020
2) If certain functions / classes or code names have been changed or we need to be careful when migrating
3) If there are adjacent changes or settings that need to be considered when opening

Thank you

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

There is a great page that covers the generic issues to may see from upgrading from IS2012 Spring which you can find here:

More specifically the screenshots that you have provided all complain about missing files - you should check that these files are actually present in your project so they can be built into the installer.

With regards to the two .dll's , its possible that these may be file dependencies that are pulled into the installer during build time, you would need to identify which file is calling these files and also that they are available during the build process.

I hope this helps,

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