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Start/Stop Services (Progress bar)

This may be something basic, but I'm new to using Install-shield, an haven't been able to find a solution online yet.

I'm writing an installer that needs to start a service (SQLAgent).
While the service is starting, the installer seems to have crashed, but resumes after 10-15 seconds. I need a way to let the user know that installer is just starting a service.

I thinking I might be able to use a progress bar or maybe even just a label for that purpose, but I don't know to actually tie those controls to the service.

Any help is appreciated.

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Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

Hi José,

How exactly are you starting the service?

You can probably take a look at this, but the example there is written in C++, so if you are not familiar with that language, it may not provide too much help.

Juan Carlos
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