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Adding a COM+ Application to a Basic MSI project


I'm attempting to build a new Basic MSI project for a product that uses COM+ applications. Currently, the product is deploying them by creating one MSI for each (I believe this is done via VB6's IDE?), copying the MSIs to a folder, then manually running the COM+ Application Install Wizard to install them.

The issue is that I cannot get it to show in the Component Services --> COM+ Applications view. I see that it says that only non-system COM+ applications will show in the list, but honestly I don't know what that term differentiates. I have tried a number of different methods in how I added the DLL(s) as Component(s), I used the Wizard mode of InstallShield to open one of the MSIs to view the components it contains and fiddled with the settings (etc), I tried adding a COM+ application created for a different product...but in all of my attempts, nothing ever shows in the COM+ Application list.

Unfortunately, all documentation associated with this feature assume that the COM+ application shows in the list, without specifically describing what allows it to show. I have found next to nothing on the Internet regarding the problem, and I opened an Incident with Flexera Support on Tuesday but still have not heard back from them. So, I've gotten somewhat desperate, so that's my disclaimer, I guess.

It would be very helpful to have step-by-step instructions on how to add a COM+ application to a Basic MSI project, but that is probably too much to ask here. If anyone can help get me going in the right direction, it would be most appreciated...thanks!
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You need to have the COM+ application installed on the machine in order to see it listed in the component services view in the InstallShield project.

Also if you have a support contract, you can always call us and discuss about the issue. You should be able to find the phone# from the Maintenance plan kit that you may have received, when you signed for support.

I hope this helps.

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I was trying to do the same thing today (getting a com+ application to show up, without actually installing it on the machine).

Is there a workaround by which we can do this.
I am using Installshield 2010..

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