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Signing fail in batch mode; In UI mode it is working fine



I am getting below error while signing dll and .appx files.

It is working fine in UI mode however


SigningHelper: error 0x8007007f while attempting to sign file
ISDEV : error -1027: Failed to sign UWP app package

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Revenera Moderator


Batch mode? you mean to say using cmdline build? 

Batch build is happening in the same machine where UI build is happening or its a different machine?

If its a different machine then make sure the certificate is exists in other machine as well in the same path where UI build machine has the file (EX:C:\test\sign.pfx), in both machines the files should exists in the same path. and then try build and see it works or not.

If you are building the same machine and still it fails,

Could you please provide a full and complete verbose build log that captures this issue?

Here is a link to documentation about how to generate a verbose build log:

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