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Level 2

Shortcut problem with shared components between features

Hi everybody,

I am experiencing a problem when a component is shared between features.

My project is a basic MSI with two features FeatureA, FeatureB and three components Comp1,2,3;

FeatureA contains Comp1 and Comp2, whereas FeatureB contains Comp1 and Comp3.

Three advertised shortcuts are created.

Typical installation installs the two features and creates the three shortcuts.

Custom installation with FeatureA selected and FeatureB unselected creates only shortcut for Comp1 (shortcut for Comp2 missing).

Custom installation with FeatureA unselected and FeatureB selected is OK for the shortcuts.

Has someone already experienced such problem ?

Thanks for your help.
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Level 12

You may want to generate and analyze the verbose installation log.
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Level 7

You have set up the shortcut in question so that it is controlled by the wrong component, one of the components in FeatureB. Although it creates the shortcut for the right file in FeatureA it is only actioned when FeatureB is installed too.

Go to the Shortcuts view. Select the Shortcut in question and make sure both the "Target" and "Component" point to the same file.
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