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Level 7

Setup.EXE Size

Maybe I'm missing something.

Basic MSI Project with MSI 4.5 required.

Setup.EXE size, with no Windows Installer 4.5 redistributables enabled is 98 Megs. So users will have to make sure they have Windows Installer 4.5 install, which for 7+ is no issue.

I added XP SP3, 2003 SP2 32 and Windows Server 2003 and XP 64 bit, Vista 32 and 64 bit redistributables. Size now is 127 Megs. Ok. Bigger, but I added stuff.

My thinking - Let the installer download those from the web, slimming down the size. So I went into each redist properties and changed the Build location to "Download From the Web".

Size is now still around 120 Megs.

That seems pretty weird. Why is this payload so heavy when I said to download from the web? Shouldn't it be more around 100-105 at most?
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Level 17

In the Releases view, make sure that you change the InstallShield Prerequisites Location setting on the Setup.exe tab for your release to the "Download From The Web" or "Follow Individual Selections" option.
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