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Attempting complete Uninstall/Install each time

Hello everyone - after some searching and head scratching, I hope someone can explain this so I can understand. I realize there are many articles and discussions on the web about this, but I am still puzzled.
We have a basic MSI project (IS 2013 Premium). I believe it's fairly straight-forward. For some reason, I am struggling with getting the package to skip the "Administration" dialog - it seems the only time it skips it is if I build a brand new Product Configuration and Release... If I just rebuild a new release in the same product configuration, the installer goes to the administration dialog (obviously already installed on destination PC). I have done the following:
1. Create a major upgrade item
2. I have confirmed the Upgrade code matches what is currently installed on the destination PC

What I've tried:
1. Bumping the revision (version) in General Information
2. Creating a new Product Code in General Information

Can someone explain why I have to create a new product configuration each time to get the installer to automatically perform the full uninstall and not display the admin dialog? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and have a great day!!!
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Level 2

Still not having any luck figuring out how to get a complete uninstall without having to create an entire new product configuration - what is different in a new product configuration? Is this something I can modify myself and stay with the same product configuration?
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