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Copy pasted from my post at install forums:

So I have a basic msi project that attempts to brand a dialog (sdFinish) when it detects software it needs is currently running. It uses the following lines in setup.rul

szBmpPath = SUPPORTDIR^"MyBitmap.bmp";
DialogSetInfo(DLG_INFO_ALTIMAGE, szBmpPath, TRUE);
SdFinish(szTitle, szMsg1, szMsg2, szOpt1, szOpt2, bvOpt1, bvOpt2);

The image does not display on the left side of the dialog. So I added a print out statement to display szBmpPath so I could see where it was looking. It spit out:

C:\Documents and Settings\joeuser\Local Settings\Temp\1\{0757B7A0-6441-45DF-8C59-C0BCBF84A306}

which does contain some support files but none of the ones i have listed in the lang independent section of the support files view. Those are all found under

C:\Documents and Settings\joeuser\Local Settings\Temp\1\{E0483B0D-7801-4520-AB00-7DABDF2C2455}

So the files are getting put in a support dir just not one that can be found with the value SUPPORTDIR. Is there a way I can consistently refer to this path to find the image i need?
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Level 6

So the solution to this after reading and
and the help related to SUPPORTDIR I used the MsiGetProperty for SUPPORTDIR and got the path where the support files I actually need reside.

I was able to replace the SUPPORTDIR ^ MyBmp.bmp with the return value and pick up the image file path properly but it still does not display.

does it need to be a certain size?
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Level 3

i also want to konw.
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