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Level 3

Two types of UAC

I'm using InstallShiled2011 (Basic MSI) + Windows7 64bit.
When I try to uninstall a application from control panel > Programs,
UAC dialog appears (of course).

For some applications, UAC dialog has Yellow bar at the top (Publisher : unknow. <= I'm not sure always so).
and for other applications, UAC dialog has Blue bar at the top and publisher is Microsoft Windows.

I'd like to create installer with the latter one (blue bar).

Can I do this with BASIC MSI Project?
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Level 9

You have to sign your setups
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Level 3

What a simple solution!!!
Thank you
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Level 2

I have a signed msi, a signed setup.exe and all the executables inside the installation (exe and dll) are also signed.
When installing, the publisher is correctly taken from the Verisign Digital ID for Authenticode.
But when uninstalling, the publisher is unknown to UAC (Vista 64-bit).
Is this a problem, or a feature with the Limited Edition of InstallShield for VS 2010 ?
Thanks and regards
Keith Murphy
Technolunic Data Management AG
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Level 6

This is actually a known issue with uninstall.

If you are storing your MSI locally (in the release area under the Setup.exe "Cache MSI LOcally") you are basically saying you want your MSI stored locally for repair and removal... Well Vista (and I guess 7) strip all extra data from that MSI.

Known issue and not much we can do about it.

The issue is with Windows Installer service, not Installshield or your signature.
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