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SSL Capabilities Questions...

Hi all,

Soon we may be incorporating SSL setup into our web app. What I was thinking of doing was adding an install runtime file browser to their certificate file. I found this, which is quite helpful.

Then I saw that the Certificate can be set in Internet Information Services view -> Web Sites. So, I'm thinking I can just put [IS_BROWSE_FILEBROWSED] in that SSL Certificate setting with a dialog prompt for a password and all would be good. However, it seems you have to actually browse to a file in the SSL Certificate field. You can't edit it with a Property.

Is this not possible? I'm not all that familiar with SSL setup, but it had to be set up manually, post install with our older product. I'm pushing to actually handle all of this, or as much as possible during the install itself.

Any pointers, suggestions MUCH appreciated!

Thanks in Advance!!!
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Level 11

Is there anyone out there that has tried to collect the SSL certificate during install, either from a file or certificate store on the target system, and successfully applied it to the web site being installed?
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