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Including NuGet packages

I have a VS 2015 solution and IntallShield Limited Edition. My solution is a simple Windows Service install. But when I install it the assemblies that come from a NwGet package installation are not installed and the service will not start. How can I insure that the NuGet package assemblies are include in the installer.setup?

Thank you.
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Level 3

When adding files to the setup project did you use the project assistant? On the application files view there's a button to "add project outputs". You should add the primary output at the least. By default if you install a nuget package for a project then the libraries should be added as references with the "copy local" option set to true. This should include them in the project output.

I think if you set up the service in the setup project then I think you have to explicitly add the main exe to the files as well so that you can select it for the service configuration. You need to also add the project output.

I hope this helps!
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