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Reinstall selected features only during minor patching

I have a product installed with four features. I have created minor patch for the same. I don't have any changes in last three features. ONly few files have been changed in first features.

During patch install all of the features get reinstalled.

In log it can be seen as

MSI (s) (D0:10) [11:49:25:448]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding REINSTALL property. Its value is 'Feature1, Feature2, Feature3 , Feature4.

I tried to change commandline options to Reinstall = Feature1.

Still all features are getting installed and then same is the case with uninstallation.

How to change Reinstall property during runtime ?

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Flexera Alumni


By default, during the Minor Upgrade all the features will be reinstalled. You can use the Reinstall control event or will have to use REINSTALL property at the command line. Note the upper case.

To remove only certain features during the uninstall, you will have to use the REMOVE property.

I hope this helps.

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