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Redistributable Fails on MSI silent installation

Hi team,

        When we try to do silent installation with MSI , the prerequisite files are extracted from setup.exe and triggers prq file, installation of prerequisite action takes place, but prerequisite fails always. How can I make all my prq get installed on MSI silent installation of installer.




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Revenera Moderator


Are these Setup or Feature prerequisites?

If you are using Feature Prerequisites then the UI of the installer is skipped and so is the action that starts the prerequisites "ISInstallPrerequisites".
If this is the case you'll need to make sure that you are using Setup prerequisites instead.

Within the prerequisite editor, under the "Application to run" tab - there is a field to add the command line that is passed to the prerequisite if the installer is launched silently.
Double check that you can run these commands against the prerequisite executable files manually to make sure the commands are correct and install correctly.

Also, a prerequisite will return a failed install if its conditions are still not met after it completes.
Within the prerequisite editor - under the condition tab - check to see if the conditions are met after the prerequisite completes.

Finally, you can log the setup.exe using "setup.exe /debuglog" this may provide details as to why the prerequisite is failing.

hope this helps,

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