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Level 7

Recover Old GUID?

I accidentally modified the GUID for the wrong release and am not sure if the backup of my ISM file matches the GUIDs that were used to create the setup.exe file.

Is there a way to retrieve the Package, Product and Upgrade Codes GUIDs from a setup.exe or log file that was generated when the original previously?

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Level 17

Have you tried to open the original MSI file in InstallShield? If it's a compressed setup.exe, you can extract the MSI file using the Setup.exe /a command line switch.
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Level 2

Hello, in this situation, I think the best way to get back your deleted files is to use a third-party tool, I think the Bitwar Data Recovery is good to use. More importantly, it's free, so I think you can have a try.

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Level 10

If there is a Setup.ini file in the same folder, open that file (by double-clicking on it).

If there is only a setup.exe file, run the setup.exe, when you see the first dialog box on the screen, open %temp% in File Explorer and look in the GUID-name folders.  When you see a Setup.ini file, open it (by double-clicking on it).  Check the [Startup] section, if the Product keyword matches the product you are looking for, you've got the right .ini file.

In either case, when you have the right .ini file, the 3 GUIDs you are looking for will also be in the [Startup] section of the file. 

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