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Level 6

REINSTALLMODE "v" not used in IDE?

Why is the default value of REINSTALLMODE "omus" when you create a new Patch Configuration, but the recommended value when executing msiexec on the command line "vomus?"
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Level 9

The v is not required in a patch (.msp), only if you ship the update as a full .msi. And it has to be set outside the .msi file, on the command line. Setting REINSTALLMODE in property manager to include v would work.
Stefan Krueger
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Level 7

Ok to explain clarify Stefan's comments a bit more....

Whenever you install an msi it caches the installation on your machine to be useful for uninstalls, reinstalls and repairs.

When you run a reinstall using just omus, it ignores the msi you provided it with and goes off to the cached version. specifying the v causes the msi to recache so it runs from your modified msi.

However an msp patch works slightly different. An msp is just a file containing changes and isn't a full msi. What it does is stream itself into the cached msi before running it. Therfore an msp cannot be cached itself but instead it updates the existing cache.

Hope this helps 🙂
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Level 6

That's very helpful, and makes perfect sense. Thanks much.

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