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Level 5

QuickPatch applied to multiple MSIs?

Hello all,

Does anyone know of a way to apply a QuickPatch to multiple MSIs?

Essentially, I have two releases within one project; one release is a smaller subset of the main release. I'd like to easily build a single QuickPatch that would patch both of these releases with just file based changes.

I understand that there seems to be a limitation based on package code with a 1-1 QuickPatch build requirement, but with regular patches built within the IDE, this is possible, so why not QuickPatches?

Any ideas?

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Level 7

Quick Patches can only be made to target one MSI.

Unfortunately, this is a limitation of the Quick Patch as compared to the plain MSI patch as you note.

The Quick Patch is intended to be a simple form of the regular MSI patch, and because of this, does not have the ability to target multiple MSIs.
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