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Question on upgrading an installation created by a suite project

Hi all;

I have a suite project that has three features. Each have an MSI that installs them. During the initial installation I get a list of the features that can be installed, as I should. However; when I do an upgrade, say I am upgrading from to, I still get the options page showing up. Is that really the correct process? I would assume that on an upgrade the options page shouldn't appear since you are upgrading and not removing or adding features.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

A lot of this depends on exactly what steps you have taken to set up the upgrade. I'm assuming you've read the white paper on the lifecycle of the suite, and have incremented your suite's version leading to the first-time installation experience during the installation of the upgrade. You can use the Events view to conditionally set properties that reflect the installation state of prior suites (use a Suite Installed condition) and of the prior packages (use an MSI Package or MSI Upgrade condition), and then condition parts of the Wizard Interface based on these properties, for example making the InstallationFeatures page Visible only if a prior suite is not present. Does that help you get started?
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