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Level 2

InstallShield 2014 +Visual Studio 2013


I used InstallShield 2014 +Visual Studio 2013 deploy my project,
If the Generated setup.exe is excuted other PC (win7 hasn't .net framework4.5 only .net framework3.5 ) ,can it excuted successfully?

InstallShield 2014 is dependent on the special .net framework ?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

A setup built with InstallShield only requires .NET if something included in the setup requires it. Examples of this include installing assemblies to the GAC (the GAC isn't present unless .NET is), running managed code during installation (such as through a Managed Code custom action or an Installer Class component - avoid the latter if possible), or launching a .NET exe. If your application requires .NET, you will probably want to ensure that the setup installs .NET for you; otherwise the installation could succeed and yet a .NET application could fail to run.
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