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Query SQL database from IS


I got into the following problem:

A Basic MSI project with SQL scripts accessing an existing SQL Server database.

I want to update a value (table.field) in the db, but before I'd like to query it for the existing value and display it to the user.

So, from a SQL script is it possible to return a value into a IS variable?

If not (like it looks like :confused: ), is there any other solution (except sqlcmd command line)?

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something like this in a vbscript CA will retrieve the UpgradeCode into the MYPROPERTY property:

Const sPC = "{ProductCode of installed software}"
Dim CachedMSI
Set oInstaller = CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer")
For Each msiProduct In oInstaller.Products
If UCase(msiProduct) = sPC Then
CachedMSI = oInstaller.ProductInfo(msiProduct, "LocalPackage")
Exit For
End If

Set oDB = oInstaller.OpenDatabase(CachedMSI, 1)
Set View = oDB.OpenView"SELECT `Value` FROM `Property` WHERE `Property` = 'UpgradeCode'")
Set Record = View.Fetch
Property("MYPROPERTY") = oRecord.StringData(1)
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Sorry, this is not what I meant.

I'm talking about a SQL Server database.

I can create a SQL script to be run against it and do some updates, inserts, etc. But I want to retrieve a field value:

SELECT Field1 FROM aTable WHERE condition

and to pass the Field1 value to a MSI property.
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So nobody tried to query a SQL database? :confused:
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i am not sure that your requirement can be addressed straight away using the SQL script view, but what you can do it use install script to create a CA that will make a connection and try to query the DB for the required vaue.
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