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Problem creating shortcuts


We are running Installshield Spring 2012 - Premier Edition and have a msi project running from within VS2010 professional.

This particular project has two features. Let's call them 'workstation' and 'Network Node'.

The 'workstation' has a component called 'shortcuts' which does nothing but install a few shortcuts. The 'Network Node' does not have the component 'shortcuts'.

The problem occurs when we select the 'Network Node' feature (Which is mutually exclusive from the 'Workstation' feature). In this case the shortcuts are installed anyway.

There are other components which are only in the 'Network Node' feature which seem to install when expected.

Any ideas as to why the shortcuts component, which is included only in a specfic feature is installed even if the other feature is selected.


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Level 9

you might have to log the installation and check for InstallValidate action and also can check for ADDLOCAL which lists the set of features which are picked for installation.
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