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Level 8

Chained msi and pre-requisites

:confused: Hi,
My requirement is to have a single msi installer, which will in turn install couple of other msi packages, and VC++ Redistributable, and SQLExpress (both of them are .exes, which later invokes .msi).
I've added Msi packages as chained msi, and exe as pre-requisites. but since ive prerequisites, my build output is not an msi, but an exe.
If I add the exes to install during custom actions.. I'm not able to do a silent installation of the whole package on Windows 7.
It complains of having two exection sequence trying to run in parallel.
Is there a way to get out of this situation.
Any thought is appreciated...
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Level 9

As soon as you decide on single MSI installer you have to limit yourselves to so many things.
Launching an installer can only be done as a chained MSI as silent installs will skip the custom actions in UI and execute actions can't go with second MSI process.

only way is chained MSI in your scenario and I cant seem to find a way out of it.
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