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Prerequisites download for offline installation

Can anyone tell me where to find the installation files for the InstallshieldPrereqs and InstallshieldPrereqs_dotnet?

I am trying to configure Installshield Limited Edition 2013 to work inside of Visual Studio 2013 Professional. The problem I have is that I need to use Installshield on a network that has no connectivity to the Internet (my company does not allow any internet connection whatsoever on the network that we use for development. We have a separate network that has internet connectivity that we use to download product such as Installshield which we then port to the inside network via thumbdrive. I had previously found and downloaded the InstallshieldPrereqs.exe and InstallshieldPreReqs_dotnet.exe as standalone installer (these are also used to setup a Standalone Build of Installshield). But now I can not locate these files anywhere for any Installshield product especially for Installshield Liimmited Edition.

Could anyone provide me with a link or process for getting the Prerequisites? Also if you can point me to any description of how to get Installshield Limited Edition to recognize the Prerequistes after they are installed ( I have the old prerequuisites but I can't get Installshield LE 2013 to recognize them in the installation folders.

Thanks for any help that you can provide.

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Flexera jlynch11

Re: Prerequisites download for offline installation

I know that the newer prerequisite downloads are only available if you purchase InstallShield, however you can find some of the older prerequisite downloads here:

I would expect adding the appropriate .prq file to the prerequisites directory should cause it to show up in ISLE (that default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2013LE\SetupPrerequisites).
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Re: Prerequisites download for offline installation

Thanks for the help jlynch11.

I did not realize that Prerequisites were not available for the Visual Studio Limited Edition unless you purchase a license. we are fortunate that the 2011 prerequisites will hopefully be adequate for our needs for the time being.

I copied some of the .NET prerequisites into the C:\Program Files(x86)\Installshield\2013LE\SetupPrerequisites directory but the Redistributable tab still showed that they "Needed to be Downloaded". So I checked the box and selected it anyway. It started to go out to download and then failed because we do not have a connection to the internet. Apparently, that triggered it to update the list. After responding to the failed download, the Redistributable tab was repainted and now the copied prerequisites are shown as installed locally. NOT the most intuitive process but I think I am in business for now.

Thanks again

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