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Client-side software installer questions

This is my fist time using this software and I have a few questions regarding some of the errors that exist in my installer.
1. The files that need to be installed have to go into the SysWOW64 folder so I've been getting a few errors relating to the target directory (ISICE01, ISICE25). Would the presence of these errors greatly affect the functionality of the installer if they were not fixed?
2. I've also got the error ISICE26 for some of the files with various Option Header bits, would this prevent the installer from working? How would I fix these errors if I'm not the original author of the file?
3. Some of the files to install also aren't digitally signed, can anyone recommend a service/website/etc which could do this for me?
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

The ISICE* warnings and errors are related to satisfying requirements of various Windows Logo certification programs. Failing to satisfy these requirements does not prevent a program from working, although it may indicate certain kinds of mistakes or fragility. So in short, while you do not have to address these concerns unless you want logo certification, it's still good to understand what they indicate so you can choose to release a better product.

As for digital signatures, typically you have to acquire an Authenticode code signing certificate; this blog post has more information on that. It's unlikely you will find a service to sign your files for you, as part of what a signature on a file indicates is who provided the file; if someone else signs it, they would be indicating that they are the source.
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