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Postbuild Event for Suite


I have a command that needs to be run after the build is finished using Postbuild Event in releases, the command is for signing the install package.
However the problem is that the when the suite is building it doesn't produce the .exe before the Postbuild event is triggered thus the command fails. The command is run against the suite setup.exe.

Any suggestions how to fix this?
Thank you
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Flexera Alumni

We discovered an issue if you had a Windows Explorer window open to the output directory and built suite projects we ran into an issue under certain circumstances where Explorer would place a lock on the output exe and prevent us from streaming to it. So to work around this issue, kind of late on in the release cycle, we changed the build to use a .tmp extension until the very end and then rename to .exe (which prevented explorer taking an interest in the output file).

The post build events are being called just before this rename happens (which originally was the very end of the build). I will fix this to push the post build events to be once again the last action that is performed.

In terms of a workaround, you may be able to change your build event to use the .tmp name the file has when the actions are being run (to my knowledge this should not cause an issue with the signature).

However I would strongly recommend using the built in signing functionality. If there are any problems or limitations that are preventing you from doing this then please let me know and we can look to address those as well.

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