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Please Help: Implement OEM dependent InstallScript MSI projects?


We have a software that is being customized for different organizations, the base application being the same.

Now, we have to make a Setup using InstallScript MSI project for deployment of this customized application.

I want to have the same basic architecture for installation, with same language dependent string table and variable company name, product name, version etc. for each flavor.

Basically, what I want is:
- Basic Installer to be same for all different customizations
- Same string tables for all customizations, for a particular language
- Different company name, product name, product version etc. for different customization.

Can any one suggest / help, a way in InstallShield 2008 to do this?
Please, HELP!!

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Level 5

Am I supposed to make copies of String table, for every flavor of the base software (even if 99% of the strings are common for a particular language - with the difference between flavors being only in the Company Name, Product Name, etc.) ??

Please, help!
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