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Permanent Files for "IShield LE"

Sure the limited edition for VS 2010 is limited. But if the VS deployement tool should be replaced, it should provide atleast the VS functionality as a minimum.

In VS I can set a file to permanent. This option is disabled in IShield LE. So the question is:
I install a file which is used by different apps. Usually I do this in the common folder. But if I can't set this "permanent" it get removed if I uninstall one app and the other apps will not work anymore.

Is there any solution for this?
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Level 10


If you are building the installer as an uncompressed setup or as a compressed MSI then you may open the MSI file in orca and select the component table.

In the component table set the Attribute to value 24.This would ensure that the file installed would be permanent.

Regarding an option in InstallShield Limited Edition to mark file as permanent, I would pass along the feedback to the product management team.

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