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Beta Test Results of .NET 4.0 Web Install

Our beta test involved a single image setup file that requires .NET Framework 4.0, client edition. If missing on the target, it uses the Web Download method.

When the user clicks to install the .NET Framework, the InstallShield window dispalys a message in the lower half: "Downloaded xxx KB of 867 KB" along with a "Est. time remaining: xx". After the bootstrap is download, the message stops and displays for the entire downlaod and install: "Downloaded 864 KB of 867 KB" and "Est. time remaining: 0 sec."

The periodic sweeping progress bar animation continues, but there is no other feedback to the user that what is actually going on is a much larger download, as well as an installation process that takes approx. 5 minutes.

A significant proportion of the beta testers interpreted this lack of feedback, the non-changing and incomplete download (846 KB or 867 KB) amount, and the conflicting time remaining (0 sec) as an installation hang. Many of them then aborted the installation process, thinking something was wrong.

Is there anyway to modify this behavior so that users would not conclude the application isntall was hung during a web download for a .NET dependancy?

Ideally, InstallShield should do the following:

1 - Accurately report the download file size of the real .NET download, and not just the boostrapper, so the user can see the real progress.

2 - Accurately report the estimated time remaining of the download.

3 - Use the progress bar as a progressive change that accurately reflected the above, rather than an animated periodic sweep.

4 - When the .NET download is complete and the .NET install starts, report this to the user as well, along with a message that specifies the approx. amount of time it will require.

Are there any solutions to this? Having approx. 10% of users abort an install is not practical for a commercial release.
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Level 10


The estimated time displayed is for the download portion of .Net Framework 4.0 client Prerequisite, and not for the setup.

An issue has been submitted to Engineering to improve the user experience in a future release.

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Level 2

This is true that the download and the estimation does not show the actual process which is undergoing.

This makes a lot of difference as this is what makes the first impression to any user.

Many of our customers thinking it as a hang, cancelled the actual installation of application.

Can we have this fixed and released as patch.

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