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Uninstall Previous Versions of App (Package by publisher with different tools)

I am trying to identify the best way to uninstall previous versions of an application that was packaged with several different tools over the past few years and there is no consistence way for the current supplied MSI from the publisher to remove their previous version of this application.

I can think of two different ways to try to address this, but I am so-so with InstallShield and still learning so not sure if the first of the two ways I am about to state are possible.

1. Perform a WMI query on Win32_Product or similar to identify a like style match to products with a specific text in the Product Name field and then utilize this list to perform the standard msiexec /x {Product Code} commands. This in turn executed through a custom action.

2. Collect all of the different product codes in my environment for these previous version of this application and create a custom action that looks for the condition of existence and performs the uninstall.

My problem for both of these solutions is that I am having problems identifying how to perform these types of actions. I have performed a good amount of Google searches as well as forum searches, but when using the word “uninstall” I am getting posts and KB articles on how to uninstall previous version of an application utilizing the upgrade code. I would like to do option 1, but wanted to make sure before I spend a lot of time on it that it is even possible. In the end I may have to do option 2 and would love any suggestions or links to any KBs/Articles that speak to these or great resources that I could learn to do items like this.

Thanks for your help.
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The best way to do this is use the same upgrade code in the installshield project as used by the other tools.
In case you have multiple upgrade keys then this method won't work. So first you need to make sure that the upgrade code of all your older installers is same.
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